SCANSTATIONMODE software Installation and User guide


This document will show you how to use the SYMBOL DS9208 scanner in SCANSTATION mode.

In this mode you will install and run the scanstation software in background mode on any PC such that you can scan products and it will only disturb the computer to which it is attached to if there is an alert or error. 


  1. Download and run following first. DO NOT PLUG IN THE SCANNER YET

This will install the driver for the  scanner as well as download and run the scanstation software.

  1. Plug your scanner into any spare USB port
  2. Click setup and Scan the barcode displayed
  3. Enter FMD ID and password
  4. Set scanstation to Decommission mode. Note this can be set to verify and recommission as well.

Using Application

  1. After installation, please scan any barcode and check that this barcode is scanning.
  2. You can now minimize the application
  3. A pop will appear when there is an error reported from UK FMD hub

How you would use scanstation in practice

Scanstation can be installed on any PC and will run in the background.  The purpose of this application is that at the point of dispensing, the user would scan all items and the host PC will only alert when there is a genuine alert from UK FMD hub