How do I register?

To Register


Register your site for validation directly with Securmed.    Securmed is the UK official national body which regulates FMD and all sites have to be validated by them for eligibility for FMD.    The information you will need is your pharmacy/surgery/wholesaler/clinic professional registration number as appropriate, your official address, email and software supplier you intend to use. For spiderfmd  its supplier LEXON, software name spiderfmd,  version 1.01.     This process is free, easy and does not tie you in us or  with any provider.

Once you have done this you will receive your your username, your TAN number and instructions how to download your certificate file from securemed.   They will send you your intial password by post once your site has been validated.  Note this can take up to 15 days.



Once you have your email and letter by post , visit or click on GO LIVE above.   Here we have full instructions on what to do next and how to onboard with us.   Once you have done this you will have your unique FMD-ID with the new password you will have set.

You will not be charged for 30 days and will be free to cancel at anytime.   Note some suppliers will offer to register with securmed for you.  In this case they will hang on to your securmed certificate file making it difficult to move if you are not happy.

With us, not tie ins and your free to cancel at anytime.

Once you have your credentials please visit ‘go live’ in the menu item.