We are now live and ready to board you on so you can  start using SPIDERFMD


To get you onboard and start using spiderfmd, you should have the following information to hand before you can onboard with us.  

  • Initial username and password sent to you by post
  • TAN number sent to you by email 
  • Your certificate file that you will need to have downloaded from the link sent you by email
  • Your passphrase when you downloaded your certificate file

If you haven’t got these then you haven’t yet registered with securmed.org.uk.   Please visit this site and follow instructions for end user registration.   The process is simple and free.  You will need your Gphc CQC or equivalent premises registration number, use software name SPIDERFMD, supplier Lexon Ltd, version 1.01.  You can also click here to register

If you are having difficulties obtaining your certificate file,  you can download these simple step by step instructions for you to follow by clicking here. The process is quite simple, but remember to save the file in a location you can find on your computer and make a note of your passphrase.  


Once you have above information

Click on     https://accounts.spiderfmd.com

upon completion, we will issue with your FMD ID.   You will need this and the new password you will have chosen to use spiderfmd.  Note when prompted, keep this password simple so that you and your staff remember it at your site. 

We will also email you full instructions, workflow options and SOPs for you to use spiderfmd.


Once you have your FMD ID and your new password

On any browser go to https://live.spiderfmd.com  to start using SPIDERFMD

Until 9th Feb, we have set the application to Prelive/training mode.   We have done this so that you can try and test all functions and train staff.  Note SPIDERFMD will work with allow you to scan any type of barcode, and only verify, decommission to recommission FMD barcodes.  

if you are not yet sure of your hardware requirements, please visit our FAQ ‘What hardware do I need’

For people opting to use the scan station with will send you instructions with the scan station you have ordered.

Please test the software thoroughly.  We welcome all feedback and any suggestions for improvement as we are keen to delivery you the very best stand alone solution to suit your needs