Frequently Asked Questions

I registered with securmed with another supplier but would like to SWITCH to Spiderfmd

As long as you have received your username and password by post, and have your Tan number by email, you can still onboard with us regardless of which software provider you first chose.

Just remember to tell your software supplier to cancel your contract.  If you have not yet on-boarded with them you should be able to do so.

Follow GO LIVE on the main menu for guidance.

Where can I find more information on FMD

Please visit the UK National organisation in the UK

Also visit

How much is Spider FMD and how long are we tied in for?

No Initial cost/upfront payment/account opening. Just use it free for 30 days.


Spider FMD is ONLY £10 per month on a rolling monthly contract with no cancellation fee.   As long its within the same registration, unlimited users can use it.   Our software is fully inclusive with NO ADDITIONAL HIDDEN extras.  So you can use the scan-station software or web based software on multiple devices at no extra cost.  If you want specific customization, call us and well do it for you and again, no charge!

Why would I want to use a standalone FMD system instead of just having it integrated with my PMR?


If you label first and then pick stock after, you will hog your PMR whilst having to pick stock from your shelves for each item.  This will prevent you from labelling other prescriptions and therefore slow your entire process considerably costing you a lot of money and  have frustrated waiting patient/drivers

With our stand alone solution , you are keeping the processes apart.   Remember with Integrated you still have to scan each pack anyway.




What features do we provide for such a low cost solution

We aim to provide you the best solution with the most most efficient process whatever your operation.
Being web based, we are able to continuously evolve our software to improve functionality and new features. If it was an installed application this would not be easy.
We have the benefit of owning our own pharmacy group so anything you see will be tried and tested.

Current features

1. Simple verify/recommission/decommission
2. Associate aggregate bag code and decommission upon collection
3. Date checking – short date and out of date
4. Accept all bar-codes, and intelligently assess which ones FMD.
5. Simple scan and forget mode with scan-station THE EASIEST SOLUTION
6. Location management. Assign Rx/Patient/shelf ref to Bag so when collected
location of bag on shelf can be easily identified.
7. Advanced features in development including driver delivery, inventory
management, patient management ( including messaging for collection and
repeats). We already have the very successful and fully featured pill-
manager app that is free for all customer to use.

At Lexon, our Moto is to continuously add value to our independent customers.

Do I need new scanners or can I use the same ones I already use with my current PMR?

Most PMR providers who supply their own scanners will have them configured so they will only scan into their specific application. This means for example if they scan their token, then it will scan in to the relevant part of their PMR. Therefore this won’t be compatible with our software, unless their scanner is reconfigured into keyboard mode. This is easy to do but not advisable as it would mean the scanner not working as before, therefore we would advise new scanners.

Do I need a new PC for Spider FMD?

Spider FMD will work on any PC with a USB port and access to a web browser. We recommend a separate FMD station but the choice is ultimately up to you. 

Alternatively if you want to simply decommission products, then try the scanstation version of our software where it runs in the background on an existing PC, only disturbing that PC with alerts.  With this solution , you wont need to buy another PC

How do we produce the bag barcodes for Spider FMD?

Most PMR systems will produce bag barcodes already (RX Web, Positive Solutions, Proscript) please contact your PMR supplier to discuss this. If you still can’t produce bag barcodes please contact us for more information.

Can I use the same software if I have a WDL

any pharmacy can register with us whether you have a WDL or not

If you have a WDL you will need a seperate registration and site licence, but you can easily use the software for both operations. All you need to do is use different logins for different functions

Who is this suitable for?

Dispensing GP’s surgeries, hospitals, private clinicians, pharmacies,wholesale – if you’re required to decommission medication for patients in any form, SpiderFMD will work for you

What hardware do I need?

Hardware configuration options for different workflow


Your options are

  1. Use existing 2d scanner attached with existing PMR

This will only work with scanners that are not preconfigured to read into the PMR application only.  Check is this is the case, but trying to scan any barcode into another application eg notepad. If this doesn’t work, you can’t use this scanner.

  1. Use new scanner with existing PMR

This is what is what we would recommend anyway if you want to use your existing PMR PC as this separates your process.  You can buy either the Cipherlabs 1504 for £80 or the hands free omnidirectional SYMBOL 9208 for £175  from our site.

  1. Use new scanner with new PC.

This is best if you only have one PMR machine, as otherwise you will disrupt your labeling process. You have many options.  Buy scanners from our site as described above or your own and buy or use another PC or Laptop or tablet.   This doesn’t have to be expensive as just needs a browser.  Make sure it has a USB port and connectivity to the internet using your existing network wired or Wifi.    If using a tablet, check you have wifi and get a micro usb to USB converter.

  1. Integrated device with scanner.

This is best for flexibility especially if you don’t want wires and want mobility and flexibility.

On our site you can buy the excellent rugged Healthcare HC100Lite  blue.  This is rugged and light and yet has very fast Honeywell scan engine and 4 day battery life.   It has been specially designed for use in pharmacy /surgery/hospitals as it has an anti bacterial coating.

With this device you can use Wifi or buy a data only sim card which can be sub £5.00 per month.


Your options are

  1. Use separate scanner and separate PC.

Read the section above.  Our solution can be used just to Verify recommission or decommission directly with simple buttons.

  1. Use Zebra DS9208 in scanstation mode. No additional PC required

You would need to buy just one ( or more ) Desktop super fast omnidirectional scanners only and use with your existing PC.   These are available on our site for £175 +vat and with come with instructions to set to this mode.  In this solution you can download SPIDER FDM Listening mode software and install on any PC.  This software will run in the background and will not disrupt existing process EXCEPT on the occasion of an Alert.  Typically, if a product is short dated, recalled, or falsified.   It will scan all codes ( 1d and 2d) and at the end of the month you can view on your portal what percentage of all your scans are FMD or not.  It saves you looking at what type of barcodes you have and gets you in the process of scanning everything.

I registered with another provider but I want to switch to spiderfmd

If you have received your letter from securmed with your logon username and password, you can still register with us even though you used another company as provider.

If you have already on-boarded  with another supplier, you you can still switch without going back to register. Just let us know your securmed username, password and email it to

What do with the data?

Its your data and we only hold it for reporting back to you.

Our promise is never to sell/share your data. We do not hold any patient data either and there is no track and trace!