About Us

Spider FMD has been developed by Lexon UK. Lexon have been involved in UK Pharmacy for over 25 years in both wholesale and retail

We understand how pharmacy works as we operate our own group, we are innovators in pharmacy

We are fully approved by Securemed and Arvato, as a software solutions provider.

We are providing two versions of a standalone solution to suits needs of pharmacies based upon our practical experience of operations in a pharmacy.

We are strongly advocating a standalone solution. In our pharmacies, we will use standalone throughout.

We are not going to charge for three months to anyone, thereafter we will have a rolling monthly contract of only £10 to cover as many licenses per location.

No additional setup or upfront software costs

No wholesale account is necessary and our solution is open to all.

Our solutions will work with any Barcode scanner, though we have procured discounted rugged scanners for customers who wish to purchase.

We will NEVER EVER sell customers data.