What is different about our solution?

We developed this with our experience of pharmacy to ensure that not only does it allows for aggregated bag labels for decommissioning at the point of collection or delivery, but remains simple and intuitive when used.

The Software

Our software has many functions to allow for full process.  Our fully function software is web-based and will work everywhere, on any device e.g. tablet, mobile, laptop and all operating systems.  If ever your internet is down, our application will buffer and decommission at a time when Internet is back up.

We have designed it work with the way you choose, you can either

  • Scan and decommission only
  • Scan items, and assign aggregate bag codes to prescription bags
  • Decommission at point of collection or delivery( with mobile device)
  • Assign bags to a prescription of patient reference
  • Manage location workflow, ie assign bags to shelf for customer collection

You can also use our unique scan and forget application mode that comes with it with intelligent software that will scan ANY product barcode, automatically decipher which is FMD and alert only when there is an exception that requires your intervention e.g. Falsified medicine, error, short date etc.    This application mode runs in the background on any PC and won’t interrupt anyone using unless key FMD alert.

We have written this function specifically for those who really do not want to think about changing any of their processes on day one, scan everything so they don’t want to worry about what is 1D or FMD i.e. avoiding spending valuable time examining every pack on day one and just getting used to scanning everything.

In this mode, you would use our hand free omnidirectional scan station which is faster and allows you to multitask.  All products with FMD codes will be decommissioned so this is best suited at the dispensing point not at good inwards.

In our experience, most people want this simple approach, to maximize compliance and in practice are less worried about the 10-day rule.    Note our software will intelligently recognize if an item has been previously decommissioned and remained in the same location.

Our software will continue to improve and evolve including text messaging and integration into our free patient mobile app ( Pill manager ) to verify need of medication to reduce wastage and automatically reorder repeats. We are working on inventory control, excess stock management, stock take, sending confirmation text messaging, customer reorder and other applications.  Lexon is known in the industry to be innovators and deliver the best solutions.

Do I have to have it?

In short, yes. 

FMD is enshrined into UK and EU law.  Falsified medicines are increasing across Europe and other measures have been ineffective.

If there is hard Brexit, then for the short term, there will be a pause until we have our own servers.    Either way Brexit will not stop it, so better to be prepared and get used to it.

We fully understand that this is unwanted, as this just adds an extra burden to dispensing.

With this in mind, we really have developed the best stand-alone solution with every process streamlined for a busy pharmacy and yet flexible enough for you not to disrupt existing process.

And the best part is that we are inviting you to use our software absolutely free of charge for three months and no account to open – Just use it!   There is also no requirement of lengthy contract afterwards – you can cancel with just one month’s notice, with no obligation at all to purchase anything else from Lexon.

So yes, you have to have it and not only do we promise to make this process as pain free as possible with minimal cost, you may find that we may be able to streamline processes and bring additional benefits.

Integrated with PMR or stand-alone system?

Stand alone 100%!  Heres why

Ask yourself this question.   Do you label first and then pick stock later from your dispensary?  Of course you do, especially with EPS scripts, so this means that whilst you are waiting to pick stock, you are hogging the PMR to delay labelling of any other scripts waiting until you finish the picking stock, bringing it all back to your PMR and clogging up your workspace in the process.

In our analysis, integrated even if free will cost you a lot of time and therefore money.  Imagine 30 seconds extra per item, this is about 50 hours extra per month in time, or £500 if you cost this.  Ouch! – you will have frustrated patients.

Whether stand alone or Integrated, you still must scan every item so why not separate the process and NOT DISRUPT your current dispensing process.  With our solution, you have flexibility on how you might want to use it i.e. use aggregated bag labels or simple scan and forget approach

Most PMR providers currently sell data and with our solution, we will never sell data.   Our solution is geared around developing the most efficient, pragmatic and practice solution for your needs at the best overall value.

You will find most are looking to choose independent systems for other reasons as well not least of which that they are not tied to their PMR provider, have no risk of prescription and patient data tracking in the future and choose providers who will innovate and adopt to changing process.

With our Independent solution, you can have the choice to provide your own hardware or use our reduced price hardware with the flexibility to use different devices to suit different functions and stages.

You will only ever pay one license fee for any number of users within one site location.

With Integrated, you will still need additional scanners as the primary 2d scanners are dedicated to read scripts only, and these are typically twice you should pay in the market place for equivalent device.

Have we convinced you?   Remember with us there is no risk to try, no need to open an account, just use it with no upfront setup cost.   When you have registered with securmed and received your Logon ID, password and site certificate number, connect to our live server, enter your details and start using our solution.

If after 3 months you are satisfied, then you can continue our rolling pay as you go contract.  Remember you are not tied to us.  You can register with another provider at anytime, or have registered with another provider, you can still try use with your credentials.

How much will it cost me?

Initially, nothing, no contracts to sign, no obligation, Just use it.

After 30 days we will charge you just 10 pounds per month as one fee per location to cover any number of devices or operations.  We feel we have priced this right for a fully featured and flexible solution.    Anyone charging less will not be able to provide a sustainable solution nor will they will be able to continuously invest to innovate. If your not happy, you can cancel at anytime.

Lexon developed this solution specifically due to exorbitant fees charged by many system providers who see this as a profit centre.  For us, we just want to share value and benefit to Independent pharmacy and any other body that needs to FMD compliant.  Our service is suitable for everyone.

Remember no obligation to ever open a Lexon wholesaling account or buy anything else.

Anyone can use this application and it will suit any environment.

We think what will really cost you will be Integrated solutions, and software designed by people who are not used to the dispensing process.

Our fees (when you eventually pay when totally satisfied) will include any number of devices at the same site location.  If you have a WDL this will be separate registration.

Will it slow me down?

FMD will undoubtedly add another unwanted process that will have an operation burden to your pharmacy.

What you should assess is which solution mitigates this with an efficient process and saves you time.    Which solution provider has practical experience of pharmacy and dispensing functions in a practical way?

Our software solution will allow you to work the way you choose, and designed to work around the processes you have with total flexibility.

Using aggregated barcode labels are simple, or you can also choose to scan everything and let the system automatically recognize the type of code and decommission as necessary.

We know you will be very happy.

Some solutions might overcomplicate pharmacy processes, that’s why we’ve come up with two options that keep you flexible as FMD changes (and we’ll continue developing those with your feedback)

1. Scan station version

  • No change to process on Day 1, totally hands-free scanning
  • Don’t worry about assigning bag labels or aggregating
  • Scan everything, so you’re not spending time looking at packs to find new barcodes
  • Log in to a web portal to see information on how many FMD packs you’ve handed out
  • Only disturbs current process if there’s an error

Wave item barcode (1D or 2D) past ScanStation (like at a supermarket till)

ScanStation works in the background to automatically verify and decommission any FMD packs

You ONLY receive an alert if there are any issues with the stock

2. Web /Mobile application

  • Totally web based, no new software required
  • You can use any device including your smart phone, tablet, or current PMR PC
  • Allows you to aggregate items into bags and then decommission at point of hand out
  • You can assign items to prescriptions and shelf locations so they’re easy to find when customers collect
  • Our software will continue to improve and evolve including text messaging and integration into patient mobile app to verify need of medication to reduce wastage and automatically reorder repeats.

What hardware do I need?

We recommend stand-alone hardware, away from your PMR.   Typically, you will need a small Laptop/pc with a USB port.  There are several on Amazon for less than £200 or you may have an old laptop which will also be good enough.   Our software just requires a web browser.   Again, you can use your existing PMR, but attach a separate scanner onto it as the current 2d will most likely to be assigned to your PMR application.  We will have a quick hotkey to open our application when you need to use it.

Our system will work with any other 2d barcode scanner, but please ensure its rugged.  Avoid Bluetooth scanners as they can be slow.

As for scanners, you can use your own hardware or choose our heavily discounted scanners that include a handheld with three-year return warranty for only £80+vat. (normally £150+vat).

We also have a desktop presentation scanner where you are hands-free and push product to a scanner in any direction for it to read.  This ultra-fast device is at only £175+vat and.  This is our most popular and fastest selling scanner.

And for those who want an all in one device, we have developed a rugged android all in one ‘Healthcare mobile computer’ with an anti-bacterial coating and a built-in Honeywell hardware ultra-fast scanner.  With a 4-day battery life, this light and portable device can run on Wi-Fi or 4G with a data card.   If you have Wi-Fi connectivity issues.   Our price for this device is only £425+vat with a dedicated charging cradle worth £50 pounds.     With this device, you don’t need additional computers or scanners and is truly portable for use in your dispensary or out.    It has built-in GPS and can be used for multiple purposes including mobile phone or driver delivery.

You won’t find a better device at a lower price.

All our drivers at Lexon will be using this device as from February so ask them or our sales representative to see one.

All our hardware will be available to purchase online with credit card.   Whilst we have limited stock, average delivery for devices will be 2 weeks as we are procuring direct from manufacturers to ensure such low prices.


How do I register?

To Register


Register your site for validation directly with Securmed.    Securmed is the UK official national body which regulates FMD and all sites have to be validated by them for eligibility for FMD.    The information you will need is your pharmacy/surgery/wholesaler/clinic professional registration number as appropriate, your official address, email and software supplier you intend to use. For spiderfmd  its supplier LEXON, software name spiderfmd,  version 1.01.     This process is free, easy and does not tie you in us or  with any provider.

Once you have done this you will receive your your username, your TAN number and instructions how to download your certificate file from securemed.   They will send you your intial password by post once your site has been validated.  Note this can take up to 15 days.



Once you have your email and letter by post , visit spiderfmd.com/go-live.   Here we have full instructions on what to do next and how to onboard with us.   Once you have done this you will have your unique FMD-ID with the new password you will have set.

You will not be charged for 30 days and will be free to cancel at anytime.   Note some suppliers will offer to register with securmed for you.  In this case they will hang on to your securmed certificate file making it difficult to move if you are not happy to continue using.

With us, not tie ins and your free to cancel at anytime.

Once you have your credentials please visit ‘go live’ in the menu item.